Frictionless Fraud Prevention with 3D Secure 2

GPayments and 3DS2; How will 3D Secure 2 affect Merchants, Payment Gateways, Banks and Cardholders

Whitepaper Overview

3DS2 is more than just an update of an old standard. It is designed with the intent to create a frictionless payment experience for cardholders. It will do this by facilitating a richer cardholder data exchange, allowing risk-based authentication by issuers for low risk transactions, instead of authentication challenges to the cardholder, such that most authentication activity will be invisible to the cardholder.

What's inside:

  • check What is 3D Secure?
  • check What's new in 3D Secure 2?
  • check 3D Secure 2 Features
  • check Impact on e-Commerce
  • check Key Benefits of 3D Secure 2
  • check GPayments Support for 3D Secure 2

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