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ActiveAccess features offer various benefits from security,
cost saving, performance and flexibility.


  • ActiveAccess has successfully completed compliance testing with Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express and Diners Club International
  • The ActiveAccess system has successfully completed numerous independent security audits
  • ActiveAccess is a bank-grade security and authentication application
  • ActiveAccess utilises a hardware security module for secure data storage and increased performance
  • In a multi-organisation deployment, individual organisations are maintained in unique and isolated security domains to realise maximum security
  • ActiveAccess provides a comprehensive set of reports and maintains a complete record of all administration staff activities and system changes for auditing purposes
  • ActiveAccess processes all transactions securely. Data is encrypted using the best industry practices for cryptography with transactional data being stored in the leading relational database system
  • ActiveAccess provides a process for tracking lost and stolen devices, immediately disabling access to secure information. ActiveAccess also provides an industry best practice process for issuance of backup tokens in the event user devices are lost, stolen or compromised
ActiveAccess Cost


  • As ActiveAccess support multiple vendor devices, organisations can choose the most appropriate vendor device based on value for money
  • Deployment costs are minimised due to ActiveAccess' wizard driven installation and client side integration application
  • ActiveAccess provides a self-service enrolment website, allowing users to manage and maintain passwords and devices, thereby minimising ongoing help desk costs


  • ActiveAccess has been tested in Sun's iForce Ready testing laboratory
  • Individual ActiveAccess components are independently scalable across multiple physical servers for increased performance, high availability and redundancy
  • ActiveAccess can be used with SSL accelerators to improve performance
  • ActiveAccess has already been deployed to support hundreds of institutions providing authentication services for millions of users in their day-to-day transactions
ActiveAccess Performance


  • ActiveAccess provides a comprehensive solution offering multiple authentication form factors and multiple vendor devices
  • ActiveAccess is multi-purpose, offering multi-factor and 3-D Secure authentication to support customer requirements
  • ActiveAccess supports multiple authentication requirements such as access to information, secure login, transaction authentication, authentication of MOTO transactions, challenge and response and transaction signing
  • ActiveAccess provides the ability for users or organisations to share devices if required, eliminating the need for users to carry multiple device in a "device necklace"
  • ActiveAccess can be used for an in-house deployment or provided as an on-behalf-of service hosted by a trusted third party