Directory Server has
3 major components:

  • Directory Server Core Module
  • Administration Module
  • Database Module


For all supported payment schemes, this module:

  • Receives messages from merchants querying a specific card number.
  • Determines whether the card number is in a participating card range.
  • Directs the request for cardholder authentication to the appropriate ACS (which may or may not provide Attempts functionality) or responds directly to the merchant.
  • Receives the response from the ACS indicating whether payment authentication (or proof of attempted authentication) is available for the cardholder account.
  • Forwards the response to the merchant.


The Administration Module is an easy-to-use, centralised, role-based management and reporting facility.
It enables administration staff to configure, manage and support acquirer and merchant accounts.

DServer Administration Interface

The administration interface functions include:

  • System management - system wide settings and configuration of various operational features of the system including admin server and directory server configuration and provider license keys.
  • Audit log - log of all access and changes to the administration interface
  • Issuer management - card range registration, ACS URL settings
  • Acquirer management - BIN registration, merchant management
  • Server management - Load balancing and clustering
  • ACS server list - groups of issuers managed by ACS OBO services
  • Reporting – comprehensive authentication and acquirer, issuer and merchant activity reports.

Database Module

The Database Module is used for the secure storage of all configuration data, user profiles, acquirer and merchant information, transaction information and reporting data. Data is encrypted, using the best industry practices for cryptography, with transactional data being stored in a leading relational database system.