Multi-provider support

Supports multiple 3-D Secure protocol providers in one implementation, allowing the directory server to run for Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express and Diners Club International card ranges if required.

ACS List

A list of ACS servers can be defined to easily map the issuers to their ACS server providers. This feature is useful for maintaining the ACS URL assignments for those issuers that use an OBO service.


Comes with an easy to use, remotely accessible, web-based administration reducing the need for extensive training and simplifying the operational and maintenance tasks.

Administration features

Administration interface functions include:

  • System management: System-wide settings, configuration and options
  • Issuer management: Card range registration, ACS URL settings
  • Acquirer management: BIN registration, merchant management
  • Server management: Load balancing and clustering
  • ACS server list: Groups of issuers managed by ACS OBO services
  • Transaction management: Transaction details, protocol level messages
  • Reports: Authentication and activity reports
  • Audit log: Log of all access and changes to the administration interface
Role-based administration

Allows for the definition of two different access levels: system administration and business administration. The system administration account has access to technical aspects of the administration interface while a business administration account has access to operational aspects of the administration interface.

Read-only administration

Each administration level can be defined as read-only. This allows for definition of administration staff that cannot change the system but are able to perform a monitoring or an audit role.

Extensive reporting

Provides an extensive set of reports including:

  • Acquirer activity reports
  • Authentication reports
  • Issuer activity reports
  • Merchant activity report
Audit report

Keeps a searchable record of the activities of administration staff and changes made to the system.

Transactions management

Provides detailed information about cardholder transactions including underlying protocol level message details.


Server clustering

Can be installed on single or multiple physical servers when the need for enhanced system performance arises.

Cluster administration

The cluster can be managed through a single administration interface.

SSL accelerator support

Can be used with SSL accelerators to improve performance.

DBMS support

Data is strongly encrypted using the best industry practices for cryptography with transactional data being stored in a leading relational database system.

Multiple platform support

The product has been built on Java technology and can be deployed on a multitude of platforms including Windows and UNIX operating systems.

Multiple web server support

The product can be deployed on WebSphere or Apache Tomcat.

HSM support

Supports use of hardware security modules for the safe storage of sensitive keys and to increase the performance of cryptography operations. The product currently supports HSM products from SafeNet and Thales e-Security.

System and performance tested

All software components of the solution have been strictly tested and are compliant with the respective card associations’ guidelines.

Client authentication support

Can support optional SSL client authentication per provider. Enabling this feature will require MPI implementations to present a client SSL certificate in order to be authenticated. The alternative is to use a password.