ActiveMerchant FAQs

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What are the software requirements for ActiveMerchant?
ActiveMerchant 5.3 runs on Oracle JDK and IBM JDK 1.7.
Can ActiveMerchant be used for more than one online merchant?
Yes, ActiveMerchant supports multiple merchants.
How is ActiveMerchant installed?
For ease of installation, ActiveMerchant uses a command line or GUI installation wizard.
How long does the ActiveMerchant installation take?
The installation of ActiveMerchant should only take a minute or two.
How can I test if my installation is successful?
ActiveMerchant comes pre-loaded with a test merchant and access to GPayments 3-D Secure test facility. By browsing to the Test Payment page, you can perform your first 3-D Secure transaction within minutes
How can I integrate ActiveMerchant into my e-Commerce system?
ActiveMerchant documentation covers the steps for installation and integration with some typical e-Commerce systems. This documentation is available by registering with the ActiveMerchant Distribution website.
Does GPayments provide support?
Yes, GPayments provides 3rd level email support for bug fixes. GPayments can also provide support for your integration and implementation and the support form can be downloaded through the ActiveMerchant Distribution website.
How can I evaluate ActiveMerchant Enterprise?
Download the ActiveMerchant Enterprise evaluation package from the ActiveMerchant Distribution website and follow the instructions contained within.
Is there any formal certification process required after installing ActiveMerchant?
Visa and Mastercard require MPI merchant end-point implementations to be tested before moving into production. Visa provides a Product Integration Testing (PIT) facility and Mastercard provides SecureCode functional testing to allow your 3-D Secure implementations to be tested. You will need to contact your acquiring bank or card scheme representative to complete this testing phase.