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Embrace the Future of Fraud Prevention with Our Cutting-Edge Solutions. 

Our Commitment to Payment Fraud Prevention

With over three decades of experience in Payment Fraud Prevention, we have dedicated ourselves to creating globally interoperable and standards-based solutions. Our industry leading solutions detect and prevent fraud in real-time using global and domestic standards from various industry bodies such as EMVCo and other payment schemes.  

As the most widely adopted solution to counter chargebacks, our clients have succeeded in reducing fraud-related costs, enhancing and streamlining customer experience. Adhering to regional and global protocols such as PSD2 (European Payment Services Directive) and SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) ensures security, interoperability, and compliance with payment industry standards.  

Our clients have benefitted from a diverse set of products and services that are flexible, scalable, and responsive. Offered as products for in-house deployment or utilised as a fully managed service, our solutions have evolved to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Through continuous research and development, we strive to be a leader in the fraud prevention industry, by continuously enhancing our offerings.  

We believe that trust is the foundation of a successful relationship with clients and solution partners. That is why we prioritise building trust through transparent communication, reliable service & ethical business practices. It is based on this principle that we can work together to achieve our common goals and drive mutual success.  

Join us in experiencing the transformative power of trust, experience, and success in your business.

Our mission

We are focused on providing robust payment authentication solutions for online transactions. We provide services for financial institutions (both issuers and acquirers), service providers, merchants and cardholders. With over two decades of experience in technology development, we have established ourselves as a leader in secure electronic commerce.

What we do

We provide a complete range of integrated authentication products based on the 3D Secure protocol, Visa Secure, Mastercard SecureCode, Mastercard Identity Check, JCB J/Secure, American Express SafeKey and Discover ProtectBuy. These products are deployed in over 30 countries worldwide and in some of the largest international corporations.

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Why choose us

With our proven track record in providing open, scalable solutions which include multi-currency and multilingual support for global markets, we are innovators in the payment authentication industry. We constantly examine and evaluate trends in the online payments industry in efforts to evolve and revolutionise. We also provide systems integration and customer support via our vast partnership network.

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Industry partners

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Visa International

Visa International is the world's leading full service payment network comprised of an association of over 21,000 member banks. There are currently over 1 billion Visa cards in the market today accepted at almost 22 million locations in 300 countries and territories. Visa also operates the world's largest and most sophisticated consumer payments processing system, Visanet. Visa plays a pivotal role in advancing new payment products and technologies on behalf of its members.

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master card logo

Mastercard International

Mastercard International has a comprehensive portfolio of well-known, widely accepted payment brands including Mastercard, Cirrus and Maestro. More than 1.7 billion Mastercard, Cirrus and Maestro logos are present on credit, charge and debit cards in circulation today. An association comprised of more than 20,000 member financial institutions, Mastercard serves consumers and businesses, both large and small, in 210 countries and territories. With more than 22 million acceptance locations, no card is accepted in more places and by more merchants than the Mastercard Card. The association is focused on providing its member financial institutions with customised, meaningful global e-business solutions that connect them to customers in both the online and offline worlds.
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logo of jcb

JCB International

JCB International began its international development program with the firm commitment of offering the same quality service and the same convenience to JCB cardmembers overseas. A JCB card issuance program was launched in Hong Kong in 1985, and from the early 1990s on, JCB’s international issuance and merchant acquisition program has attracted more and more of the world's most reputable financial institutions to become JCB partners. JCB continues to pursue even greater global expansion from a solid foundation as a major international card brand, and at the moment 48 million of the world's most desirable cardmembers hold JCB cards, which are accepted at 10.93 million associated merchants and supported by close ties with more than 320 financial institutions worldwide.
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American Express

American Express is a global services company, providing customers with access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.
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Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, addressing Aerospace and Space, Defence and Security markets worldwide. Thales e-Security product, Thales nCipher, protects critical enterprise data for many of the world’s most security-conscious organisations.
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SafeNet (owned by Thales Group)

SafeNet is a global leader in information security. The company provides complete security utilising its encryption technologies to protect communications, intellectual property and digital identities, and offers a full spectrum of products including hardware, software, and chips. SafeNet Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide reliable protection for transactions, identities, and applications by securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services.
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Back in 1984, Australians were introduced to a game-changing new payment system – eftpos – and made speedy, secure card payments possible at the cash register for the very first time.

Since then, we’ve kept bringing you more and more great stuff – like a centralised network and contactless chip in 2014, and mobile payments in 2017. In 2020, we also pioneered next-gen digital identity solutions with connectID, helping to keep Australians safe in the digital economy.

In 2021 eftpos became part of Australian Payments Plus, bringing together three of Australia’s leading payment companies to deliver significant benefits to Australian consumers and businesses, and to meet the needs of all payment users today, and well into the future."
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Our achievements

GPayments has a long history of innovation,
well recognised within the industry.


  • ActiveServer hosted SaaS established after achieving the highest level of PCI DSS Compliance
  • ActiveServer hosted SaaS achieves compliance with Visa Secure, Mastercard IDC, JCB J/Secure 2.0, American Express Safekey 2.0 and Discover ProtectBuy 2.0 service provider programs
  • ActiveServer [3DS Server] achieved compliance with EMV 3DS v2.2 compliance


  • ActiveServer achieved EMV v2.2.0 compliance with Visa Secure, Mastercard Identify Check, American Express SafeKey 2.0, JCB J/Secure 2.0 and Discover ProtectBuy 2.0
  • ActiveServer added support and completed compliance testing for UnionPay International 3DS v2.2.0
  • ActiveServer hosted service achieved PCI 3DS Compliance
  • ActiveAccess added support for EMV 3D Secure 2.2
  • ActiveAccess achieved compliance with Visa and Mastercard for 3D Secure 2.2


  • ActiveServer added support and completed compliance testing for eftpos 3DS v2.1.0
  • ActiveAccess achieves compliance with JCB J/Secure 2.0
  • ActiveServer achieves compliance with BCard 2.0
  • GPayments TestLabs major upgrade to support latest versions of EMV 3DS


  • ActiveServer achieves EMV 3DS 2.3.1 certification
  • ActiveAccess hosted SaaS established after achieving the highest level of PCI DSS Compliance


  • ACS and MPI achieved Diners Club International ProtectBuy compliance


  • ActiveServer (3DS Server) achieved EMV 3DS v2.1 compliance
  • ACS and MPI achieved Mastercard Identity Check compliance


  • ActiveServer (3DS Server) achieved Visa Secure, Mastercard IDC, JCB J/Secure 2.0, American Express Safekey 2.0 and Discover ProtectBuy 2.0 compliance
  • ACS achieved EMV 3DS v2.1 compliance
  • ACS achieved Visa Secure and Mastercard IDC compliance


  • Partnered with Mastercard in the development and evolution of the Secure Payment Application (SPA) protocol
  • Provider of Mastercard SPA global test facility for Mastercard International


    • "Top 10 Fastest Growing Technology Company in Australia," Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Fast 50


    • ACS and MPI achieved American Express SafeKey compliance


    • Founding member of Visa International's 3-D Secure Forum


    • Licensed Mastercard SecureCode Implementer
    • "Top 10 Fastest Growing Technology Company in Australia," Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Fast 50
    • Supplier of 3-D Secure products and services to Visa International


    • ACS and MPI achieved 3-D Secure 1.0.2 compliance with Visa International
    • “Top 20 Fastest Growing Technology Company in Australia,” Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Fast 50
    • “Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Company in Asia Pacific,” Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Fast 500


    • ACS and MPI achieved Mastercard SecureCode compliance
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