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3D Secure Merchant Plug-In:  ActiveMerchant

ActiveMerchant: Legacy 3D Secure 1 Offering with Limited Availability

Welcome to ActiveMerchant, our legacy 3D Secure 1 product. Please note that while this product is no longer actively used in the market, we understand that some clients may still have a need for it. Therefore, we continue to offer limited availability of this product to accommodate those specific requirements.

If you have any questions about ActiveMerchant or would like more information about its compatibility with your existing systems, our dedicated sales team is ready to assist you.

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Facilitate 3D Secure transactions to prevent credit card fraud

ActiveMerchant is a 3D Secure application for ecommerce payment authentication. It is built on the 3D Secure 1 protocol, and is designed to be deployed by payment gateways, large merchants, and acquiring banks. ActiveMerchant is easy to implement and use, yet also flexible and sophisticated with its functionality.

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ActiveAccess is compliant with all the major card schemes: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB and Discover.
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Multiple platform support
ActiveMerchant is built on Java technology, and can be deployed on a multitude of platforms including Linux, Windows, and Solaris. It can also be easily scaled across multiple servers.
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Transactions management
ActiveMerchant installation is straightforward with GUI, command-line and non-interactive options available. Software upgrades utilise the same installation methods to ensure a simple update process.
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Customisable authentication process
For more than 15 years, ActiveMerchant has been trusted by major banks, payment gateways, and large merchants from all around the world to be stable, high performing, and easy to use.

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Flexible and sophisticated to allow for quick and customisable integration
ActiveMerchant has a redirection model that allows for easy integration with any merchant system. ActiveMerchant also supports all major database types, and adopts an industry standard SOAP API.
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Intuitive web based admin interface
ActiveMerchant exposes a web based administration to enable system administrators to manage merchants, view reports and perform other system tasks.
Why GPayments?
Founded in 1999, being the first Asia Pacific region to develop 3D Secure solutions for acquiring and issuing side clients​, GPayments have a deep expertise and proficiency in the 3DS protocol.

Today GPayments is the leader of 3D Secure acquiring market in Japan and Australia, and 3D Secure issuing in Eastern Europe​. GPayments serves 100K+ merchants, 100+ banks, 92 direct customers and distributors, 33 countries around the world and had 100% year-on-year ACS revenue growth since 2016​.
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