3D Secure TestLabs

GPayments 3-D Secure (3DS) Test Service provides an end to end 3-D Secure authentication testing environment. Unlike many test tools that utilise simulators, GPayments' 3DS Test Service comprises three live certified components within the 3DS protocol: a Merchant Plug-in (MPI), an Access Control Server (ACS) and a Directory Server (DS). Each of these components are fully compliant with Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, JCB J/Secure, American Express SafeKey and Diners Club International ProtectBuy.


how it works


GPayments 3DS Test Service can be utilised in many ways: whether you wish to test the features of your own MPI and/or ACS components, test the response your MPI/ACS receives in various scenarios during a 3DS transaction or to perform compliance testing before you perform Product Integration Testing (PIT).
GPayments' Test Service provides you with the flexibility of using default settings for your testing or specific Issuers, Merchant IDs, Acquirer BINs, Scenarios, Card ranges based on specified actions / providers or Devices. It can be utilised for:


Suitable for new 3DS implementers

Once a 3DS solution has been installed, it is time to configure the application and its network environment. To verify that the 3DS application has appropriate connectivity and configuration, it can utilise the settings provided for connectivity to GPayments 3DS Test Service. This process will verify the necessary configuration of the 3DS application as well as the implementer's network settings required for connectivity to other components of the 3DS ecosystem.


Suitable for new 3DS implementers

Prior to production rollout, after successful implementation and testing of 3DS components, the card schemes require implementers to undertake product integration testing; for example, Visa requires Product Integration Testing (PIT) to be performed. As GPayments 3DS Test Service includes all the necessary components of 3DS, it can be utilised for compliance testing of any 3DS components, before PIT or other card scheme testing is conducted.

By first using GPayments' 3DS Test Service to ensure correct integration, implementers can significantly reduce the time and cost required for card scheme testing. Fees apply to card scheme testing, such as PIT, and if the testing is not completed successfully within a certain time period, testing has to be rescheduled and re-test fees can be incurred.


Suitable for new or existing 3DS implementers

Implementers may wish to test the responses received by their 3DS components during 3DS transactions, using different scenarios.
GPayments' Test System provides the ability to test 3DS components using test cards for different card schemes and scenarios, such as Authentication Success, Authentication Failed, Authentication Attempt, PAN not Enrolled, No Reply/Timeout, PARes Signature Verification Failed, etc.


Suitable for existing 3DS implementers

MPI/ACS implementers can utilise GPayments' Test Service to perform ongoing functional/performance testing to ensure the stability and integrity of their 3DS components.

3DS MPI Testing
Testing for:
  • Successful installation of the MPI
  • Successful configuration and connection to a test DS
  • Successful running of test scenarios and receiving expected authentication results
  • Existing MPI features
  • New MPI features to ensure compliance with updated card scheme requirements.

3DS MPI testing is controlled by the merchant. GPayments’ Test Service ACS and DS are configured with the test card numbers for various scenarios and acquirer and merchant details. The tester’s MPI is configured with details of GPayments’ DS.

The 3DS MPI tester makes purchases at the merchant site using the test card number (PAN) provided by GPayments (default or specifically assigned to the tester). GPayments’ Test Service DS uses the PAN it receives in the VEReq (received from the MPI) as the key to determine the required interactions.

For further information, a GPayments PIT Testing Supplement for ActiveMerchant is available.

3DS ACS Testing
Testing for:
  • Successful installation of ACS
  • Successful configuration of test scenarios and connection to a test DS
  • Successful generation of valid authentication results for the test scenarios
  • Existing ACS features
  • New ACS features to ensure compliance with updated card scheme requirements.

For ACS testing, GPayments’ Test Service MPI and Directory Services are configured with the card range of the test cards, acquirer and merchant details, and the URL of the tester’s ACS. The test cards for the various scenarios are set up on the tester’s ACS.

The tester makes purchases on GPayments Test Service merchant site using the test cards. The PAN received by the tester’s ACS in the message sent from GPayments DS is used to determine the required interactions and make a corresponding response.

For further information, a GPayments PIT Testing Supplement for ActiveAccess is available.