Multi-factor Authentication for Card Issuers
Leveraging 3D Secure version 1 and 2

3D Secure ACS - ActiveAccess

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Embrace secure and safer authentications with EMV 3-D Secure

EMV® 3-D Secure 2, an industry standard protocol designed to enable frictionless, safe and convenient payments,lays an appropriate foundation for PSD2 by adapting to SCA using multifactor authentication. This new protocol balances the need for frictionless flows along with the need for strong security.
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EMV 3DS depreciates the number of challenged transactions and facilitates frictionless experience by leveraging to risk-based authentication, allowing the Issuers to make knowledgeable authentication decision such as allow, reject or challenge a transaction based on the risk score.

It not only reduces fraud and reduce abandoned shopping carts but also supports various user friendly and secure authentication methods such as one-time passwords, tokens and biometric. Thereby, curtailing the need to remember static password and providing the client with a stress-free experience.

Compliant with all major card schemes

ActiveAccess is compliant with all the major card schemes: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB and Discover.

3D Secure

Step up your authentication game with our all in one ACS solution

ActiveAccess is a highly scalable cardholder authentication system designed for credit card issuers and application service providers. The ActiveAccess authentication platform is a fully-featured bank-grade application.

With the release of the new 3DS2 protocol, there are a lot of chaos regarding the migration of ACS and how would the it handle the 3DS1 transactions.

But you don't need to worry, we have got your back! GPayments ACS, a friendly all in one solution, will support both 3DS1 and 3DS2 within the same application allowing issuers to effortlessly shift from 3DS1 to 3DS2 and support the two protocols in parallel while both protocols are operational.

Painless Integration
Painless Integration

The integration process is very simple and requires relatively low technical knowledge to complete, further reducing the overall cost of ownership of the solution.

Transactions management
Transactions Management

ActiveAccess provides detailed information about cardholder transactions including underlying protocol level message details.

Customisable Authentication process
Customisable Authentication Process

ActiveAccess allows each issuer to customize the authentication process for its cardholders by uploading authentication pages with issuer-specific logos and messages.

ActiveAccess Features Overview

Supports Multi-Factor Authentication

This module provides services for the authentication of users accessing or transacting in a secure environment.This requires multiple forms of authentication. Some authentication channels it supports include mobile device via SMS, One- time Password (OTP), Email (OTP), Biometric devices (fingerprint/face/voice recognition), EMV/CAP, TAN.

Multi-issuer support

Allows for the creation and management of single and multiple issuers and issuer groups where each issuer is maintained as a logically separate entity.

Static Password Mobile Device OTP Device
ENV/CAP TAN Email OTP Biometric

Extensive Reporting

Provides an extensive set of reports on cardholder activity, merchant activity, purchasesreport, etc.

ActiveAccess 3DS2 Features

Risk Based Authentication
Risk Based Authentication

To facilitate frictionless flow, 3DS2 supports the transmission of rich data (such as device, location, merchant and transaction information) from the merchant to the issuer during transactions. This enables the issuing bank to make a risk-based decision as to whether to challenge the cardholder or not.

Out of Bound Authentication
Out-of-Band authentication

Enables the completion of challenge activity outside of the 3DS flow through OOB. This provides flexibility for issuers to utilize other preferred methods of authentication, such as biometric verification.

Non Payment Autentication
Non Payment authentication

Supports cardholder verification for non-payment transactions allowing merchants to verify a cardholder’s identity with its issuer, without needing to process a charge, all within the security of the 3DS ecosystem.

Case Study

Ukrainian Processing Centre and 3D Secure

UPC realized to fight the battle against online fraud, additional authentication was required to verify cardholders’ identities in CNP e-Commerce transactions and additional authentication was required for internet banking to reduce the threat posed to online security by the increasing number of phishing attacks.

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Ukrainian Case Study

Why GPayments?

Founded in 1999, being the first Asia Pacific region to develop 3D Secure solutions for acquiring and issuing side clients​, GPayments have a deep expertise and proficiency in the 3DS protocol.

Today GPayments is the leader of 3D Secure acquiring market in Japan and Australia, and 3D Secure issuing in Eastern Europe​. GPayments serves 100K+ merchants, 100+ banks, and 33 countries around the world ​.

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