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Unify your app's UI and reduce cart abandonment rates with ActiveSDK

The new 3DS2 SDK component was designed to solve the biggest problem in 3DS1: 3DS1 was terrible to use on mobile devices. Now, the new SDK component will support native integration with mobile apps, which means 3DS2 authentication processes will look and feel just like a part of your app. This improved mobile payment experience will help reduce e-commerce fraud on transactions made via mobile devices, and also reduce cart abandonment rates as customers are less likely to view the authentication process as suspicious and quit their checkout.

EMVCo certified, and supports global major card schemes, with potential to add more in the future

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2 SDK: for Android and for iOS

ActiveSDK includes 2 SDKs: one for Android and one for iOS. Each of which are written in their native languages (Java and Swift respectively), and will include updates to support the latest versions of each OS.

Can be wrapped inside another SDK

ActiveSDK can be wrapped inside another SDK before being provided to the merchant for integration. This means if you are a payment gateway or acquiring bank that already supplies an SDK for your merchants, ActiveSDK can be integrated into your SDK, simplifying the integration process for the end merchant.

Facilitates more accurate authentication results

3DS2 leverages data collected about the consumer to make an informed decision about the transaction's risk of being fraud. ActiveSDK facilitates this data collection process to help issuers achieve more accurate authentication results, which in turn helps secure the consumer's credit card from fraud.

Includes demo apps and comprehensive web based documentation

ActiveSDK comes with 3 demo apps: a Java demo app for Android, as well as Swift and Objective-C demo apps for iOS. These demonstrate ActiveSDK's functionality, and serve as sample code for integration. Speaking of which, there is comprehensive documentation and integration guides.

For app designers

Design a unified app UI that has the same look and feel

Unlike in 3D Secure 1, there are no more tedious and suspicious browser redirections; this means a unified app UI and seamless cardholder authentication can co-exist.

Fast and painless checkouts with ActiveSDK

Once embedded in a merchant's app, ActiveSDK will allow the customer to checkout faster through the frictionless authentication process of 3D Secure 2. Customers literally won't notice a thing.

Unify your app UI

With ActiveSDK, merchants can create a clean and unified app interface, and allow authentication to occur natively inside the app. This removes the suspicious browser redirection issues and the poor screen presentation that plagued 3D Secure 1.

Flexible deployment

ActiveSDK can be deployed in various ways; it can be a standalone SDK for developers to connect to and use, or it can be wrapped inside another SDK for payment gateways to distribute as part of their own SDK.

Based on the 3D Secure 2 specification standard

ActiveSDK was developed in accordance with the official EMVCo 3D Secure 2 specifications. This means ActiveSDK utilises a standard set of APIs, and can be used with any other 3D Secure 2 component on the market.

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For the business minded

Improved authentication results with rich data collection and new challenge methods

Unlike in 3D Secure 1, there are no more tedious and suspicious browser redirections; this means a unified app UI and seamless cardholder authentication can co-exist.

Enable rich data collection to unlock intelligent risk assessment

In 3D Secure 2, a rich set of data about the customer is collected by the device, which means the issuing bank will have more data points to make an intelligent assessment on a transaction's risk. ActiveSDK facilitates this data collection process by gather info about the customer's mobile device. In turn, authentication results can be more accurate, than ever before.

The new frictionless flow will solve many old headaches

By far the most common issue with 3D Secure 1 was that customers would give up on their checkout due to the authentication challenge. 3D Secure 2 has fixed this by introducing Frictionless Flow, which can automatically authenticate a customer without any challenge if the risk of fraud is low. This means ActiveSDK may allow the cardholder to complete a transaction in a matter of seconds.

More challenge methods that are faster and more secure

In 3D Secure 1, the only way to verify a cardholder was to make them enter a password, but it was a pain to type in, and often easily forgotten. 3D Secure 2 has solved this by introducing new authentication methods, including biometrics. ActiveSDK enables authenticate on mobile devices via fingerprint and facial recognition, which are both faster and more secure.

Higher conversion rates translate to more revenue for the merchants

In summary, customers will no longer be bothered by out-of-place challenge screens, and won't need to —— means less cart abandonment, and more transactions will go through. Ultimate, this benefits the cardholder and the merchants.

For app developers
Easy integration

Easy to use API

Adapter based 3DS Server integration scaffolding provided

Ready-to-use GPayments ActiveServer Adapter included

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