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Online transactions that are frictionless and safe are what business and personal travellers want. Learn how GPayments solutions help boost bookings.

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Travel Payment Fraud Prevention + Frictionless Flow

Authenticating payments is a critical part of any airline and online travel retailer's ability to manage costs, mitigate risks and remain competitive in the modern era of business and personal travel.

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CheckOut Conversions

Online travel shoppers will abandon a booking at higher rates than they would for digital retail or fashion according to SaleCycle research on global ecommerce cart abandonment.  GPayments authentication solutions facilitate booking.

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Card-not-present fraud

For years, airlines and online travel agencies experienced high levels of card-not-present fraud. Now with the wider adoption of 3D Secure authentication of card transactions, this type of fraud is more preventable.

ActiveServer for 3D Secure transactions

ActiveServer addresses friction and fraud at checkout. Customers enjoy smooth transactions that reduce the costs of cart abandonment, chargebacks and noncompliance.

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ActiveSDK for 3D secure mobile authentication

The increase in online and in-app bookings also laid the foundation for bank card fraud. The estimated cost of CNP to airlines is approximately $1 billion annually, stemming from fraudulent ticket purchases. According to comparison site, Finder.com.au, one in seven Australians have fallen prey to debit and credit card fraud in 2021-22, for a total cost of $1.01 billion

In an effort to protect the information and financial security of cardholders, the EMVⓇ three-domain secure (3DS) protocol versions have continually improved the ability for accurate authentication of ecommerce transactions.

Notably, 3DS2 responded to merchants' need to react to consumer preferences for mobile commerce. 

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GPayment 3DS SDK solution ActiveSDK addresses:

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Fraud prevention and cart abandonment with full ActiveServer integration support.

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Risk-based authentication between the mobile device and cardholder bank’s ACS for immediate decision to allow or challenge a transaction.

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Native mobile support for Android and iOS (Java and Swift respectively) languages for simple connection to a 3DS server to complete 3DS transactions safely.

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ActiveSDK wraps into your app SDK to maintain a consistent look and feel, reassuring the customer the transaction is secure and reinforcing their engagement with your brand.

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Why 3D Secure 2 for travel bookings?

For online travel services and airlines that strive to meet their customers’ desire to book flights, lodgings, rental cars and unique experiences online or on their devices, 3D Secure 2 is a welcome improvement for shoppers’ experience. 

GPayments 3DS2 solutions for ecommerce and mcommerce transactions ensure that no matter how a traveller finds your offer, they will be able in a frictionless authentication flow. Our ecommerce and mcommerce compatible solutions reduce cart abandonment that lead to more sales.

How 3D Secure 2 improves bookings

3DS2 goes farther than 3DS1 in several areas including, native mobile user interface, frictionless flow and robust data enabling verifiable cardholder information. Airlines and online travel agent sites will enjoy the following benefits of 3DS2 with GPayments authentication solutions: 

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Liability shift of fraudulent chargebacks transfers from airlines, online travel providers or their payment gateway to the cardholder’s issuing bank.

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Card-not-present fraud prevention using biometrics, multifactor authentication and decoupled authentication for ecommerce and mcommerce purchases.

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Strong customer authentication (SCA) for non-payment or eWallet transactions for secure and steady flow for all bookings.

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Decoupled authentication for safer offline transactions. Decoupled authentication requests occur outside of a customer's interaction online or in-app to prevent unauthenticated 3RI (3D secure initiated) transactions.

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Online travel providers and airlines gain lower cost of doing business from liability shift and compliance with international regulations such as PCI-DSS, EMVCo guidelines and the EUPayment Services Directive (PSD2).

How to bring GPayments 3DS2 to your travellers

GPayments ActiveServer and ActiveSDK deliver the advantages with 3DS2 protocol in the following ways:

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Supports EMVCo 3D Secure versions 1.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. ActiveServer backward compatibility with 3DS version 1.0 may be necessary to adhere to regional requirements. However, the 3DS1 protocol sunset in October 2022.

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Adherence to Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards (DSS) including, Two-Factor Authentication for administrative personnel, truncated PAN storage, central application logging system and system audit event logs.

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Authentication API to perform the 3DS authentication and return the response so that airlines and online travel platforms can access ActiveServer remotely.

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In-house deployment with ActiveServer hosted service

Airlines and online travel providers can deploy with the help of GPayments 3D Secure 2 ActiveServer SaaS. We help you build trust and deliver a virtually effortless booking experience from your site or app. 

Advantages of ActiveServer hosted service:

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Global network of cloud data centres.

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3DS2 service team expertise and 24/7 support.

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GPayments robust tech stack reduces overhead and scales as your business grows.

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RESTful API delivers a branded in-app experience.

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Check any 3DS component against GPayments’ end-to-end testing platform, TestLabs.

Learn what ActiveServer hosted service can do for you  
3ds2 with active server service

Find out how GPayments ActiveServer + ActiveSDK can get to work for BNPL service providers now so that merchants and customers can prosper later.

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