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Buy Now, Pay Later

Want to offer the buy now pay later transactions consumers want safely? GPayments 3DS ActiveServer and ActiveSDK can help.

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Secure and frictionless instalment lending with GPayments

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service providers are fueling e-commerce merchants at a time when their customers need greater financial flexibility. Buying a product or service they receive now and paying for it over time, makes purchases more feasible.

Merchants want to provide BNPL financing with as few interruptions or hurdles as possible. GPayments 3D Secure ActiveServer and ActiveSDK enable BNPL service providers to offer merchants and their customers secure and frictionless instalment lending online and via mobile device.

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Buy Now, Pay Later

The BNPL financing model has exploded in growth and has changed consumer expectations from ecommerce merchants.

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BNPL skyrocketing in Australia

  • According to the 2020 FIS WorldPay Global Payments Report Australian BNPL users are expected to exceed 4 million in 2023.

  • The BNPL market is expected to be worth US$47 billion by 2023.

  • Australian BNPL leader Afterpay Ltd. accounts for 43.8% of the industry’s market share according to SPBGlobal. Block Inc. acquired Afterpay for US$39 billion in February 2022.

BNPL advantages

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Instalment lending can boost ecommerce and mcommerce sales during downturns.

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Broader payment options reach a new customer base for merchants.

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Integrate with shopping apps to make financing and a more accessible.

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Off-card financing can reduce high cart abandonment rates

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Major credit card schemes are offering post-purchase instalment payments.

Authorise instalment lending with confidence

GPayments 3D Secure 2 ActiveServer enables BNPL providers to address key ecommerce concerns:

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Merchant initiated authentication without cardholders being challenged.

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40x more data for robust authorisation accuracy, faster approval and lower transaction risk.

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Frictionless flow reduces cart abandonment online and via mobile devices.

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Liability shift of fraudulent charges for merchant peace of mind.

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Non-payment authentication for eWallet or recurring transactions.

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Compliance with European Union consumer fraud protection guidance. ActiveServer is backwards compatible with
*3DS1 protocol.

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Integration testing available through TestLabs. Learn more about GPayments TestLabs.

* 3D Secure 1.0 sunset in October 2022.

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Wide-Ranging Support for Multiple Card Schemes

We offer support for a variety of card schemes to meet your needs. Please let us know which card schemes you require and we will work with you to provide the necessary support.

Card Schemes Supported

Visa Secure Iconmaster card id check logoProtectBuy LogoAmerican Express SafeKeyjcb secure logoUnion-Pay LogoEftpos LogoBcard logo

Compliance and Certification

Our fraud prevention solutions are built on globally recognised industry standards (EMVCo, SCA), and are fully supported and mandated by the major card schemes.

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Prevent BNPL unauthorised user fraud

Identity theft complaints involving BNPL companies doubled between 2020 and 2021 according to Reuters. Do not give scammers something to boast about. GPayments 3D Secure 2 fraud prevention solution for BNPL providers provides frictionless authentication that builds trust with your customers. GPayments solution for BNPL uses:

Why ActiveServer SaaS

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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) reduces the potential for online fraud.

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3D Secure 2 for BNPL providers in the EU accepting major credit cards. All major card schemes must comply with Payment Service Directive (PSD) 2 sunset of 3DS1 protocol by October 2022.

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Mobile SDK for Android or iOS facilitates data collection for more accurate authentication and fraud detection.

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Build trust through secure online and mobile BNPL transaction

Customers love the BNPL scheme but they don’t appreciate complicated purchasing. Give your customers frictionless transactions with GPayments fraud prevention solution.

GPayments helps BNPL service providers offer an outstanding customer experience using:  

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An authentication process compliant with DCI PSS standard for secure card payments online.

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3RI light or soft credit check allowing BNPL providers to manage risk without alarming customers.

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3DS 2.3 protocol improved recurring transactions for BNPL financing to offer a broader range of payment options.

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3DS 2 protocol supports out-of-band (OOB) transitions for a more seamless authentication interface.

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ActiveSDK wraps into an app SDK for easy integration in the native languages of Android and devices (Java and Swift respectively). ActiveSDK will update and support the latest versions for the optimal user interface.

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BNPL Transactions

ActiveServer Hosted Service for
in-house deployment

Have the GPayments 3D Secure specialists vet card schemes for PCI compliance, update software and 24/7 support with ActiveServer Service. 

Advantages of ActiveServer hosted service:

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Global network of cloud data centres.

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3DS2 service team expertise and 24/7 support.

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GPayments robust tech stack reduces overhead and scales as your business grows.

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RESTful API delivers a branded in-app experience.

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Check any 3DS component against GPayments’ end-to-end testing platform, TestLabs.

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Find out how GPayments ActiveServer + ActiveSDK can get to work for BNPL service providers now so that merchants and customers can prosper later.

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