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Utilise EMV 3D Secure for more secure and reliable authentication

ActiveAccess Service, is a powerful market-leading Access Control Server (ACS) solution, which enables card issuers to conduct cardholder authentication during e-commerce transactions. It can be used by issuers directly with a bank, central banks and processing centres. ActiveAccess Service is a hosted solution, which helps you save on the efforts in implementing and maintaining an ACS solution from scratch and allows you to focus on what you do best, card issuing and processing.

ActiveAccess Service was developed with compatibility and efficiency in mind, resulting in a solution that supports 3D Secure 2 (3DS2) while also assisting issuers in meeting the criteria of the EU Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2). It supports the latest EMVCo 3DS2 protocol, which decreases false declines and cart abandonment while improving the user experience with the introduction of a new frictionless flow payment process.

Compliant with major card schemes

ActiveAccess Service is EMV 3DS certified. The Service currently supports Visa Secure, Mastercard Identity Check, and JCB J/Secure, with additional support for UnionPay International, American Express SafeKey, and Discover ProtectBuy on the way.

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Improved Performance

With the services located closer to you, you can process your requests more efficiently. We understand that time is of the essence, and our service has been strategically positioned to be closer to your business.
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Enhanced Security

By utilising services that are located closer to you, you can store and process data in specific geographic regions, exercise greater control over access to your resources, and maintain the highest level of security for your data.
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Assured Compliance

Locally deployed services assist you in meeting the compliance requirements of local laws and regulations. You can assure compliance with regional requirements, such as GDPR, and prevent legal and financial implications.

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Constructed to meet security and compliance requirements

Security and compliance are at the heart of the ActiveAccess Service, which ensures that its users adhere to payment industry security and compliance regulations.

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PCI compliant

All PCI certification is handled by GPayments, reducing the scope of your organisations investment and greatly expediting the time to market.

Secure administration portal

Multi-user, role-based access with read-only capability and two-factor authentication.

Full functionality in a single solution

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Intuitive rules settings

The GPayments ActiveAccess solution includes a risk-based authentication (RBA) feature, providing clients with a ready-to-use solution. Also supports 3rd party RBA market solutions through an adaptor.

Rules that are configurable

3D Secure transaction parameters such as Transaction Amount, Merchant ID, Merchant Name, Acquirer BIN, and Merchant Country can be used to construct rules.

Custom deployments

The RBA is designed with customisability at its core and can be configured with the rules and parameters that you require.

Robust ACS with reliability ingrained

GPayments, a pioneer in the 3D Secure industry for more than two decades, now offers its cutting-edge ACS solution as a service to assist card issuers in reducing Card-Not-Present (CNP) fraud.

Field-proven, feature-rich and stable

An intuitive, market-leading solution that has been consistently developed and extended over the last two decades to fulfil the needs of issuers and cardholders.

Comprehensive documentation

Accompanied with up-to-date, online, and easily-understandable documentation for technical and business users.

User-friendly and intuitive administration portal

Web-based administration portal for system setup and management, certificate management, real-time transaction history viewing, and comprehensive reporting and audit recording.

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ActiveAccess Service Features

Compliance Check

Choose your own RBA and OOB Authentication solutions

ActiveAccess supports adapter-based APIs that can be integrated with your chosen 3D Secure ready Risk Based Authentication (RBA) and Out of Band (OOB) solutions. Alternatively, you can utilise the RBA solution provided by GPayments.

Cloud Deployment

Card data management made simple
- Local vs Remote

ActiveAccess Service allows you to store and view Cardholder data locally via our user-friendly administration portal using the local authentication model or integrate with a third-party card management system by implementing the remote authentication model.

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Modification of the system is possible in order to incorporate specific features required by issuers.

Issuer branding

Fully customisable cardholder-facing pages, to include issuer-specific logos and messages

Multiple issuers on one system

Multiple issuers can be managed individually, as logically distinct entities with different configurations and branding, or as a group.

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Cost effective solution without compromise

No hidden costs for our clients, our pricing models are completely transparent, and budgeting is predictable.

Cost effective solution without compromise

3DS1 & 3DS2 in one solution

Parallel support for both protocols within the same solution for an effortless shift from 3DS1 to 3DS2, while both protocols are operational

Simplified pricing model with no hidden costs

No hidden costs to our customers, complete transparency in our pricing models, and predictable budgeting

Quick support turnaround

Exceptional customer service by a dedicated support team that responds to all critical issues within agreed service levels

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Seamless authentication with 3DS2

Access to rich datasets

The merchant transmits rich data (such as device, location, merchant, and transaction information) to the issuer via a web browser or a mobile application SDK.

Frictionless flow with enhanced decision making

Utilisation of transaction-level data provides more reliable risk assessment with existing RBA systems. An adapter-based interface enables integration with most RBA systems currently available on the market.

Improved mobile experience

Native mobile integration improves the purchasing experience for consumers of mobile shopping apps. By implementing 3DS2 solution, you can expect to see a 25% reduction in cart abandonment.

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Decoupled Authentication

The ActiveAccess adapter-based API for interfacing with third-party authentication services, allows authentication to take place outside of the regular 3D Secure flow, giving the cardholder up to 7 days to perform the authentication offline, without engaging with the online retailer.

Whitelisting API

Allows cardholders to create a whitelist of trusted merchants for the purpose of circumventing authentication. Issuers may maintain cardholders' lists of trusted merchants and allow cardholders to add & remove merchants from their whitelists using the ActiveAccess Whitelisting API. Through the administration portal, issuers may inspect and delete trusted merchants.

Dynamic linking support

ActiveAccess supports Dynamic Linking, a feature mandated by PSD2 for SCA. Each transaction is assigned a unique authentication number, and the payer is kept informed throughout the authentication process about the payment amount and payee.

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Case Study

Ukrainian Processing Centre and 3D Secure

UPC realised to fight the battle against online fraud, additional authentication was required to verify cardholders’ identities in CNP e-Commerce transactions and additional authentication was required for internet banking to reduce the threat posed to online security by the increasing number of phishing attacks.

case study- ukrainian processing centre and 3d secure
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