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GPayments Banking Fraud Prevention Solution

Banks, credit unions and fintech rely on GPayments 3D Secure 2 risk-based access control server: ActiveAccess.

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Detect ecommerce fraud

Preventing costly ecommerce fraud, which totalled $499.5 million in FY22, starts with detection.

What’s at stake for issuers?

  • Neobanks experience a fraud rate of 0.30% compared to traditional banks’ credit card fraud rates of 0.15% and debit card fraud rates of 0.10%, according to Aite-Novarica Group.

  • When Australians lost $1.1 billion to credit and debit card fraud in 12 months leading up to September 2022, credit unions and traditional banks suffered reputational and financial losses.

  • Card-not-present fraud, data breaches and identity theft are also major problems for fintech firms offering virtual cards featuring instalment payments and cash back with less assurance than traditional card issuers of creditworthiness.

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GPayments 3D Secure 2 fraud prevention solution

ActiveAccess enables card issuers to provide credit and debit card services and peace of mind. 

The banking industry uses GPayments 3DS2 ACS to

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Fraud prevention and cart abandonment with full ActiveServer integration support.

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Fraud prevention and cart abandonment with full ActiveServer integration support.

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Fraud prevention and cart abandonment with full ActiveServer integration support.

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3DS2 advantage for card issuers

3D Secure 2 (3DS2) is the latest authentication protocol for online transactions with the highest level of security and customer experience. 

What’s at stake for issuers?

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3DS2 separates payments and mcommerce purchases using eWallets to reduce risk and enable an extra layer of security.

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OOB authentication for purchases utilises biometric authentication channels, such as fingerprint or facial recognition on your mobile device, for the strongest protection against fraud takeover.

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Offer cardholders a better user experience with frictionless flow

A game-changing benefit of the new 3DS2 protocol is frictionless authentication. By removing steps to the authentication process for cardholders, the 3DS2 protocol took out “friction” and introduced a seamless buyer experience.

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Banks face the challenge of offering customers personalised digital services. Frictionless flow offers customers that preferred touch.

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Adopting frictionless finance by integrating secure digital payments with non-financial, commercial platforms (i.e. cashless payments for ridesharing or tourist experiences) delivers greater consumer satisfaction and revenue streams for banks.

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Banks can deliver on a core banking service — cross-border payments — more securely and at a lower cost with the 3DS2 online payment protocol.

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GPayments bank-grade authentication solution: ActiveAccess

Our ecommerce 3DS2 fraud solution for banks, credit unions, fintech and neobanks is ActiveAccess. 

GPayments leverages EMVCo 3DS2 multi-factor authentication to solve issuing banks’ challenges with the ever-changing way their cardholders live and pay for goods and services. 

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Requester-initiated authentication (3RI) facilitates recurring or subscription payment arrangements. In combination with decoupled authentication, 3RI allows merchants to process online payments whether or not the cardholder is immediately available for authentication.

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Merchant whitelisting provides an authentication bypass for trusted merchants. Issuers manage a merchant “whitelisted” docket for their cardholders to add or remove as payees as needed.

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ActiveAccess enables decoupled authentication

Decoupled authentication allows cardholders to authorise a verification request more conveniently.

Banks can offer options for authentication through channels like a push notification (out-of-band), on the bank’s app, over the phone or by email.  

Notably, decoupled authentication shifts liability for the payment to the issuing bank and cardholders’ transactions can be processed whilst they’re offline.

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ActiveAccess for robust risk assessment

Issuers can assess fraud from a risk-based approach rather than requesting verification of ALL online payments.

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3DS2 ACS enables issuing banks to authorise a third-party — eWallet provider, payment service provider or merchant — to pass payment information directly to the issuer for fast and verifiable identification of the cardholder. Delegated authentication is integral to a frictionless flow and better customer online shopping experience.

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3DS2 ACS allows verification of a cardholder’s identity without processing a charge for secure activities like adding a card to a digital wallet or managing recurring payments.

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3DS2 ACS multi-factor authentication activates optimal methods, including out-of-bound SMS, email one-time password (OTP) and biometrics.

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3DS2 ACS uses dynamic linking to keep the payer informed of each payment amount and payee with a unique authentication code.

Issuing banks have the flexibility to provide fast , easy and secure ecommerce and mcommerce experiences for merchants and cardholders with ActiveAccess. Fight fraud with GPayments 3DS2 ACS multi-factor authentication solution.

3ds2 with active server service

ActiveAccess is a complete access control service

Control the deployment, customisation and integration of GPayments ACS with your existing risk-based authentication (RBA) and OOB solutions for discreet authentication processing and customer peace of mind.  

Integrates with third-party RBA solutions

ActiveAccess API allows banks and other issuers to set their own risk rules for authentication. Using our adapter API, banks can integrate with third-party RBA. Additionally, card issuers may choose to use GPayments’ RBA solution.

Local and Remote Authentication

GPayments offers the option to host cardholder data locally or function as a 3DS2 handler only for issuing banks and fintech. Our authentication model integrates with any existing banking system and third-party OTP.

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Automate new and closed account actions with registration API

Our registration API allows for registration, cancellation and updating cardholder accounts when using the Local Authentication Model. The issuer’s local card management system automates various tasks, such as registration of new cardholders or cancellation of closed accounts.

3DS2 Benefits
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Secure and supported card data storage options

Cardholder information can be managed on-premises or remotely from an external system with ActiveAccess. No matter what, your data will be secure. 

Our ACS is compatible with PKCS11-enabled HSMs for cryptographic operations. 

We adhere to PCI DSS and PCI 3DS recommendations for cardholder data security. 

Manage data safely through our multi-user, role-based, two-factor authentication access portal. Restrict users to a read-only.

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Wide-Ranging Support for Multiple Card Schemes

We offer support for a variety of card schemes to meet your needs. Please let us know which card schemes you require and we will work with you to provide the necessary support.

Card Schemes Supported

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Compliance & Certification

Our fraud prevention solutions are built on globally recognised industry standards (EMVCo, SCA), and are fully supported and mandated by the major card schemes.

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ActiveAccess is your value-add authentication solution

Neobanks value our cost-effective solution to address CNP fraud.

Credit Unions seeking a custom solution with expertise and easy deployment should look no further than our hosted ActiveAccess. 

Fintechs seeking to manage multiple issuers use ActiveAccess to logically separate entities with unique configurations and branding or as a group.

GPayments has offered 3D Secure solutions for over 20 years. Find out if ActiveAccess’s hosted or in-house solutions are right for you.

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