Experienced Cutting-Edge Fraud Prevention Solution

Protecting Your Payments with Confidence

Experienced Cutting-Edge Fraud Prevention Solution

GPayments 3DS2 payment authentication solutions:

Minimise fraud and friction at checkout.

Reduce or remove chargebacks through liability shift.

Lower cart abandonment rates.

Comply with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) worldwide and the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).

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3D Secure isn’t enough

Payment service providers (PSPs) need to secure merchants through strong customer authentication (SCA) whilst also reducing costly risks like chargebacks and declined transactions.

3D Secure 1.0 is no longer the preferred authentication protocol. The 3D Secure 2.0 protocol provides:

Global mandate to sunset 3DS1

Merchants need 3DS2 to meet Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) in Europe for Visa Secure, Mastercard Identity Check, Amex Safekey 1.0 Global, JCB J/Secure 1.0 and Discover ProtectBuy by 16th October 2022.

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Acquiring side advantages of 3D Secure 2

3DS2 calls for greater security from PSPs to ensure consumers and businesses are protected from fraud.

EMVCo certified

PSPs want to use EMVCo certified solutions following 3DS2 protocols to offer secure app-based authentication as well as other conventional online payment channels.

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Payment facilitation

3DS2 enables a PSP to provide everything they need to operate in both eCommerce and mCommerce environments.

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Non-payment authentication

3DS2 separates payments and mCommerce purchases using eWallets to reduce risk and enable an extra layer of security.

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Stronger fraud protection

Out-of-band authentication for purchases utilise biometric authentication channels such as fingerprint or facial recognition on your mobile device, for the strongest protection against fraud takeover

Quick and easy 3DS2 with ActiveServer

ActiveServer offers PSPs an end-to-end 3DS2 authentication solution that also adheres to the EMV® 3-D Secure specifications published by EMVCo.

ActiveServer assists PSPs to:

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Support major global card schemes.

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Support and add local card schemes (e.g., eftpos).

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Opt for an on-premise or cloud-hosted service to comply with your merchants’ requirements and regulations.

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Upgrade/Deploy to 3DS2 protocol rapidly.

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3DS2 with ActiveServer Service (SaaS)

For PSPs and aggregators that process a high volume of transactions, the most economical way to adhere to 3DS2 in time for the major card schemes to sunset the 3DS1 protocol, is ActiveServer Service.

Why ActiveServer SaaS

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Get 3D Secure 2 authentication around the clock from GPayments’ DevOps experts.

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Highly scalable, cloud-hosted service that ensures optimal performance, security and availability.

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Removes the requirement of certifying with individual card schemes.

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Integrates ActiveServer’s RESTful API with the merchant's interface.

3D Secure 2 compatibility

Ensure any 3DS2 supported card scheme is compatible using ActiveServer’s enrollment check API, for backwards compatibility with your existing 3DS1 systems.

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3DS2 Test Labs

GPayments 3DS Server is certified by all major card schemes, simplifying the process of testing new card schemes for 3DS2 compliance, which makes testing the 3DS2 compliance of a new card scheme easy and cost effective.

TestLabs can be used to test any 3DS 1 or 2 component, or to perform product integration testing.

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Be ready to comply with 3D Secure 2. with GPayments 3D Secure 2 fraud prevention solutions for payment service providers.

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