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Why GPayments for online shopping

GPayments has been a trusted 3D Secure vendor for global card schemes including Visa Secure, Mastercard ID Check, and JCB J/Secure. We serve over 100,000 merchants around the world.

3D Secure 2 safeguards online shoppers and merchants

Thanks to the 3D Secure 2 protocol, our payment authentication solutions:

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Fully compliant

Integrate seamlessly with mobile shopping apps and gateways your customers want to use.

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Serviced by experts

Integrate seamlessly with mobile shopping apps and gateways your customers want to use.

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Easy to manage

Integrate seamlessly with mobile shopping apps and gateways your customers want to use.

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Global presence

Ensure greater fraud protection and trust for both online shoppers and merchants.  

For shoppers: Buying online is secure and satisfying

Gpayments' 3D Secure 2 payment solutions for merchants, ensure that your customers can count on safe and secure online transactions, for a more satisfying and reliable online shopping experience.

For merchants: Assessing a transaction is secure and fast

With GPayments' 3D Secure 2 authentication protocol, merchants can reduce chargeback and refund liability. Authenticated transitions are traceable and confirmed by the GPayment 3DS ACS solution that shifts liability away from merchant acquiring banks.

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Why GPayments for online shopping

A cutting edge 3DS Server solution to authenticate transactions

Cloud deployment ready

EMVCo certified

Effortless customer experience

Right out of the box deployment in your own environment

Interoperability with 3DS1 protocol

A cutting edge 3DS Server solution to authenticate transactions

Native mobile support

Available for both Android and iOS

Complete ActiveServer integration by default

Fulfil online shoppers’ expectations with GPayments

3D Secure 2 authentication protocol strengthens your relationship with customers at a critical point in the buyer journey: Check out.

Customers won’t experience authentication screen redirects with
3D Secure 2. Instead, transactions on your brand's main ecommerce shop can be instantaneous.

Confirming your transaction with a passcode is a thing of the past. ActiveSDK wraps into your merchant SDK for a unified UI, meaning online shoppers can go from browsing straight to buying.

3D Secure 2 makes it possible for online shoppers to confirm their identity uniquely and instantly with biometric authentication — fingerprint or face recognition.

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ActiveServer SaaS

Online shoppers want ease and convenience when making a purchase, hence the increased adoption of digital wallets. Merchants can provide security against fraud while increasing conversions with 3D Secure 2 ActiveServer SaaS, a hosted service offering a global network of cloud data centres and an expert 3DS2 service team.

Why ActiveServer SaaS

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Get 3D Secure 2 authentication around the clock with GPayments Active Server SaaS.

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Reduce your tech overhead by utilising GPayments’ own robust tech stack through this scalable hosted service.

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Save on implementation with industry standard RESTful API and GPayments set of admin APIs that allow you to wrap ActiveServer’s API with your merchant-facing interface.

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Test any 3DS component using GPayments' end-to-end testing platform, TestLabs.

Check out ActiveServer SaaS
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3DS2 Mobile SDK

GPayments 3DS2 SDK unifies a merchant user interface with the authentication protocol for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Your customers buy from you in-app, streamlining their overall experience. No more moving them to a website via mobile browser. This enables you to build customer trust while making it easier to complete transactions without any interruption to the shopping experience.


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Comes with a native-language SDK for both iOS and Android operating systems

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Collects and applies customer data for more accurate authentication results.

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ActiveSDK can stand alone or wrap into an acquiring bank’s or gateway’s existing SDK and simplify the integration for the merchant.

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An easy-to-use API that includes sample code for Android and iOS and an online integration guide.

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Get 3D Secure 2 authentication around the clock with GPayments Active Server SaaS.

Check out ActiveSDK
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Security is revenue for online retailers

Busy people want to buy “in the moment.” A payment authentication process that slows or stops the online shopping experience is just plain unsatisfactory for consumers. Losing online shoppers because your merchant site or app sends them to a mobile browser to verify their identity won’t help to grow revenue.

GPayment’s ActiveSDK performs risk assessment faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Confirms low fraud challenge payers and sends them on their way in seconds

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Removes authentication requests at checkout online or by mobile.

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Incorporates frictionless flow to achieve higher conversion rates.

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Data powers secure and automatic authentication

The surest way to authenticate the identity of a cardholder is with rich and accurate data that the 3D Secure 2 ActiveSDK enables gateways and digital platforms to do. Authenticating cardholder identity more reliably means that merchants deal with fewer fraudulent transactions and cardholders convert from shopping to buying in real time.

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Want to increase ecommerce and eCommerce revenue with GPayments 3D Secure 2 payment authentication solutions?

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