Clydestone is a global Information and Communications Technology company with offices in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. Clydestone (Ghana) Limited, being the pioneer of Clydestone group of companies is a premier Information Technology company, indigenous to Ghana and first in the IT industry to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. Clydestone runs G-switch (Global Switch), a proprietary Electronic Payment Platform that provides Transaction Switching, Third Party Processing and EFT hosting services to Banks, Independent Service Organisations (ISO’s) and Micro Finance Institutions (MFI’s).

Partner since 2015

Contact: Felistas Kisivo
Email: fkinullsivo@clydestone.com
Website: www.clydestone.com


One World Infotech

Founded in 2005, OneWorld InfoTech is a Consulting, IT solution reseller, Systems Integrator and Services provider committed to provide world-class solutions utilizing cost-effective delivery model for its diverse clientele in multiple industries. What sets OneWorld apart from the competition is its unwavering commitment on products / services quality, flexibility and above all customer responsiveness.

Partner since 2014

29 Dilkusha Commercial Area (2nd Floor),
Contact: Obaidul Hoque
Email: sales@onewonullrldinfotech.com
Phone: +880-2-9861155,+880-1725202428
Website: www.oneworldinfotech.com



OKI is a leader in manufacturing and sales of products, technologies, software and solutions for telecommunications systems, information systems and electronic devices, including IT services distribution and constructions related to these businesses.

Partner since 2003

Electronic Transaction Technology Pty Ltd
16-8, Chuou 1-chome, Warabi-shi
Saltama Pref 335-8510
Contact: Miwa Nishio
Email: nishio449@onullki.com
Phone: +81 (03) 3454 6047
Fax: +81 (03) 3798 7598
Website: www.oki.com



D8 is a globally operating Payments Solutions vendor for retail banks, payments processors, retailers, fleet cards processors, e-money issuers and other organisations exploiting remote banking technologies, including payment cards and internet/mobile banking.

Founded in 2002, D8 has been involved in multiple projects in over 25 countries with both small and large organisations. D8 Corporation has four offices in three countries and have an established network of partners.

Partner since 2015

Contact: Juris Scerbickis
Email: jurnullis.scerbickis@d8corp.com
Website: www.d8corporation.com



Molla Technologies is an innovative ICT software house focused on solving complex problems through technology. Specializing in the ICT domain, the company’s main focus is on security, banking and payments, messaging and communication, productivity plus pattern analysis. Molla Technologies has designed and developed a range of solutions including Axiom Protect, JERAM Analyzer, XPAY 2.0 and Dictum Notifier. The company owns the Intellectual Property to these core products and has an ethos of being self-reliant on its own innovation, integrating those innovations and further promoting and developing innovation.

Partner since 2014

B-5-8, Block B, Plaza Mont Kiara, Jalan 2 MontKiara,
Kuala Lumpur,
Contact: Vikram Sareen
Email: vikram@monullllatech.com
Phone: +14087570036 (US)
+60103663542 (ASIA)
Fax: +60327262537
Website: http://www.mollatech.com

EZMCOM delivers stronger authentication for both consumer and enterprise applications and portals. Its hardware and software-only solutions give customers the freedom to choose either on-premise or Authentication-as-a-Service deployments. EZMCOM protects millions of users every day from identity theft with the right balance of cost, convenience, and strength.

Partner since 2011

R&D and Sales Office
Eighth Intuition MSC
2B-11-3, Block 2B, Plaza Sentral, Jalan Stesen, Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 KualaLumpur,
Contact: Anupam Ratha
Email: anupam@eznullmcom.com
Phone: +6012 570 1114
Website: www.ezmcom.com



Elite is a leading IT Solutions company providing technology solutions in IT infrastructure and alternate delivery channel in banking.

The formation of Elite dates back to 1994, when Trishakti Joshi and Pramod Kunwor established Elite Networks, a new venture to provide networking solutions to the computer users in Nepal.

Partner since 2016

Contact: Trishakti Joshi
Email: trinullshakti@elitenet.com.np
Website: elitenet.com.np


Reddot Payment

Founded by a group of visionary financial payment experts, Red Dot Payment is incorporated in Singapore and is managed by a team who has led Fortune 500 Multi-National Companies. Bringing best-in-class practices, Red Dot Payment is a trusted partner of banks, merchants, payment schemes, payment gateways, non-banking financial institutions, security and fraud management system providers.

Partner since 2012

38B North Canal Road
Singapore, 059294
Email: sales@reddonulltpayment.com
Phone: +65 6493 1737
Website: www.reddotpayment.com

Picmond team is founded by a group of dedicated specialists, equipped with experience in differing systems, platforms, applications and hardware. Having worked on varying applications and software, Picmond consultants offer their clients tailor-made solutions to meet individual business requirements.

Partner since 2011

Picmond Private Limited
One Sims Lane #06-02
Singapore 387355
Email: sales@picnullmond.com
Phone: +65 6323 1871
Fax: +65 6323 1872
Website: www.picmond.com



Interblocks is a comprehensive “service delivery” solutions provider for the global banking, financial services and telecom markets. The company operates through offices in Singapore, Malaysia, India and development labs in Sri Lanka. Their core values are their business knowledge; technological drive and commitment to research, which put together help businesses grow from an effective iStrategy to iBusiness. This is resilient in the backbone of their organisation - their thought, people and solutions. Their solutions are complemented with an iServices arm that is dedicated to providing consultancy, systems integration, project management and support.

Partner since 2004

Interblocks Ltd.
Level 2, 240, Highlevel Road, Colombo 06,
Sri Lanka
Contact: Dinesh Rodrigo
Email: dinesh@intenullrblocks.com
Phone: +94 (11) 451 3388
Fax: +94 (11) 451 3386
Website: www.interblocks.com



Hyweb is a technology company specializing in e-commerce and consumer banking software development and services. Hyweb plays an important role in the plan of international EMV movement to upgrade from magnetic credit cards to chip cards for credit card organisations including Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express. Hyweb has successfully assisted many banks in completing the system for chip cards and credit card solution, in Great China (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam). The services they provide include:

  • Payment Gateway / EZ-POS system
  • Credit card system
  • E-Purse system
  • Loyalty management system
  • Data preparation system
  • Chip card & SAM applet

Partner since 2003

5F, No.51, Sec. 2, Chongcing S. Rd.,
Taipei City 100,
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Contact: James Chang
Email: hyloyal@hywnulleb.com.tw
Phone: +886-2-2395 6966 Ext 2103
Fax: +886-2-2395 7229
Website: www.hyweb.com.tw


Ukrainian Processing Center

Ukrainian Processing Center was founded in 1997 when payment cards market in Ukraine was on the beginning of its development. UPC is a leader in processing services in Ukraine services in Ukraine and is continuously developing to meet banks’ needs. UPC’s client base consists of 31 Ukrainian banks and 8 Eastern European banks.

Partner since 2005

Contact: Svitlana SIROZHENKO
Email: Svitlana.SInullROZHENKO@upc.ua
Website: www.upc.ua

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