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Card-not-present Authentication Standards in 2017

This paper outlines the existing and evolving standards being used for authenticating card-not-present payment transactions in the fight against fraud in the eCommerce environment. It considers 3D Secure 1 and 2; the in-country standards of India (PaySecure), China (UPOP) and Russia (MIR); the European PSD2 Directive; and the strong growth in online payments forecast for the Asia Pacific region.

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Two-Factor Authentication: An Essential Guide in the Fight Against Internet Fraud

The paper is designed for those who require a better understanding of two-factor authentication concepts and products. It provides information for business and technical personnel who are involved in the decision making process regarding the authentication strategy of an organisation.

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Bank of America - A Perfect Target for Man in the Middle Attack

The aim of this article is to highlight the inadequacy of software solutions in the prevention of online fraud

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Two-Factor Authentication: An Industry-Wide Solution

The aim of this paper is to discuss the reasons for adoption of a two-factor authentication solution, what the problems associated with implementing such a solution are and how many of these problems can be overcome with the provision of an industry-wide two-factor authentication solution.

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Verified by Visa Overview: The 3D Secure Authentication Standard

This whitepaper provides a basic overview of what is involved in an authenticated online transaction under Verified by Visa.

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An Introduction to Authentication: The Solution to Online Payment Fraud

Through a series of questions and answers, this fact sheet describes the problems surrounding authentication and provides a brief overview of authentication form the 3D Secure and SPA Perspectives.

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Authentication: The Missing Element in Online Payment Security

This paper outlines the need for increased security, integrity and authenticity in online transactions. It briefly covers the existing standard of performing online transactions using the SSL protocol and highlights some of the shortcomings of this method.

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Smart Payment Technology: Form filling techniques designed to expedite online payment transactions

There is currently confusion in the market over a range of “smart” technologies used by payment vendors. These include profile-based form-filling, ECML, intelligent form population and agent/bot technology. This fact sheet is designed to highlight the capabilities of each of these technologies along with the advantages and disadvantages of each technique.

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Electronic Wallets: Past, Present and Future
A means to authentication and payment for device-independent electronic payment instructions

This whitepaper outlines the background of the wallet concept, the role of wallets in society and the need for electronic wallets as we enter the Information age. A focus is the need for individual identification and the ability to exchange value which is now converging in the single process of authentication and payment.

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Pseudo Card Numbers: A new weapon to combat fraud in eCommerce

This whitepaper outlines the concept, benefits and a high-level overview of a pseudo credit card architecture. A number of variations on the basic concept have arisen and it is important to contrast the different approaches to disposable card numbers, single-issue card numbers, pseudo card numbers and virtual credit cards in the market.

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